10 ways to eliminate malodorous vaginal discharge

10 ways to eliminate malodorous vaginal discharge ;

Have you been suffering from malodorous vaginal discharge? Does the bad smell makes even think about being intimate with your other half? Do not worry too much because most women go through the same trial and tribulation of having to deal with smelly vaginal discharge. This is a problem that can sometimes be unavoidable, and usually lowers self-esteem.
If you are tired of fake medicines, which never cure your problem, then consider yourself lucky because today you will get the right remedy to get rid of smelly vaginal discharge. I know you want the smell disappears as soon as possible and return to your life. This is exactly what you’ll get today.

to get rid of smelly vaginal discharge, you must first understand that you have an infection. This disease is caused by bacteria that normally enter the vagina thus causing the bad smell and the horrible virginal discharge. The disease is caused by a bacterium known as bacterial vaginosis but do not be afraid at all, because it is easy to treat. Various forms of bacteria can enter the vagina of a woman and there grow to its maximum size. They lead to a smelly vaginal discharge, however, this type of disease usually have no adverse side effects to the patient’s health.

This type of disease often is characterized by the production of a vaginal discharge failure only. In other women, no symptoms are observed at all. In other cases, women can produce a foul-smelling vaginal discharge when they are involved in sexual activity. This should not be confused with the disease caused by bacterial vaginosis.

Normally, natural remedies are the best option to get rid of vaginal odor, simply because apart from relief odor, have no side effects. This means that you get the solution you’ve been looking for and be able to keep your body healthy and safe. I know you’ve heard of many remedies until you are confused on which one can rely. Here are ten remedies that can be used to get rid of vaginal itch that is accompanied by a malodorous vaginal discharge.

get rid of smelly vaginal discharge

1. Garlic

Garlic is rich in antibiotics and also contains anti-fungal properties. Insert a small clove of garlic raw or cooked, while in the vagina when you have the infection. You can also apply a paste of garlic on the infected vagina. This will help reduce the symptoms of infection at any time. Garlic is a very potent antibiotic, and kills bacteria in the first contact. It is also safe for the body and causes no irritation to the infected site.

2. Parsley

Like garlic, parsley is an antibiotic and cure bacterial discharge causing smelly vaginal discharge white. It can be used to get rid of that smelly vaginal discharge fishy. It works the same way as garlic but is milder than garlic.

3. Sodium Bicarbonate

Another excellent remedy to get rid of bad vaginal odor is by applying a small amount of baking soda into the vagina. It flashes out with diluted vinegar. This will eliminate the bacteria that cause itching around the vagina and thus get rid of smelly order. You must use a small amount in order to avoid irritation.

4. Yogurt

Another simple way to get rid of bad vaginal odor is by using yogurt age. Apply directly to the vagina by dipping a tampon in yogurt and insert it into the vagina. Bacteria inside the yogurt will get rid of the bacteria that is responsible vaginosis odor and dangerous infections.

5. Cranberry juice

blueberry is a very strong acid, therefore, considered one of the best cure for vaginal infection caused by a bacteria vaginosis. Drink a glass of pure juice and fresh blueberry two to three times a day to cure the disease causing smelly vaginal itching.

6. The apple cider vinegar

Another natural remedy that is commonly used is the apple cider. Soak in a tub of bathwater added a cup of apple cider vinegar. Consider using an organic variety. Vinegar helps eliminate vaginal odor by removing toxins in your body that causes bacterial vaginosis infection.

smelly vaginal discharge

7.Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. It’s great to get rid of vaginal odor because of its different species of yeast and fungi. Take a nearly full cup of water and add three or four drops of tea tree oil. Use this water to flush the vaginal area several times a day. You can also take a dip a tampon in olive oil, apply some tea tree oil on it then inserted into the vagina and leave it for about an hour. Repeat this procedure every day.

8. Epsom salt

Epsom salt is another cure for smelly vagina. Fill your sitz bath with warm water and add a tablespoon of Epsom salt. Soak the place of the vagina in this water for about ten minutes. Repeat this process two or three times a week for best results.

9. guava leaves

guava leaves provide a great natural remedy to get rid of bad smell in the vagina. These leaves have antioxidant antibacterial, anti-protective properties and are ideal to cure bacterial vaginosis. Boil guava water and let cool. Use water to wash the vagina. Repeat this procedure twice a day.

Citrus fruits 10.

Citrus possess antioxidant in the form of vitamin c. These antioxidants help eliminate free radicals from the body. They also act as a natural cleanser in your body therefore inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause infections in the vagina. Drink plenty of citrus fruits on a daily basis to help eliminate bad vaginal odor. Fruits also boost the immune system and thus help in the treatment of various urinary tract infections.
When to see a doctor.

  • After taking the above solutions, who see no change.
  • presents a thick purulent discharge or a burning sensation in the vagina.
  • Found a new medicine
  • You recently participated in unprotected sexual behavior.

unpleasant vaginal discharge and odor have been a problem that has had many captive women and may even occur again after a few months. You should always maintain a high level of hygiene and eating a balanced diet to prevent your body from infection. If you have been secretly suffering from this problem of bad vaginal order, you can use the remedies mentioned above, and odor from the vagina is a story for you.

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