6 ways to get rid of your split ends

6 ways to get rid of your split ends ;

Often, girls with long hair have the problem of split ends (last 2-3 cm of hair is affected usually), but usually do not want to cut their locks, because they do not want to lose these vital centimeters of her beautiful hair. So what is the solution?

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Let’s take a close look at 6 ways to get rid of your split ends:

1.) The regular adjustment is a need

An easy way to get rid of natural hair split ends is cut them every 6-8 months to maintain healthy hair ends. The longer you wait the more likely that the deterioration of split ends and moving the hair shaft. Even if you have long hair, just a cut will be effective from inches divisions are especially at points lower end of the hair shaft and not only visible on the tips of the hair strands with disabilities. In fact, if you really want to grow healthier, longer hair, go for regular trims.

2.) Use a moisturizing shampoo for split ends

No need to shampoo more often than you need. Go for cleaning every other day unless you have very oily hair. It is best to use a mild or herbal shampoo split ends while the hair is washed. Moreover, it is a good idea to use the shampoo with sunscreen. Especially split ends due to dandruff and brittle hair. You can also use the dandruff shampoo, because it also helps repair split ends. Once it cured his dandruff, which automatically lead to repair their split ends.

3.) Use leave-in conditioner

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You can use a license condition after every shower, since it avoids the drying hair and prevents split ends well. Conditioners that are rinsed in the shower do little or nothing to prevent the appearance of split ends. It is important to deep condition your hair. If your hair has dried up due to excessive heat styling or are naturally very dry, as dry can cause split ends. Consider biweekly or weekly deep conditioning treatment to moisturize the hair to get rid of your split ends.

4.) Use oils and ripe avocado mask hair for split ends

Mix 3 tablespoons olive oil with a tablespoon of oil coconut. Add a mashed ripe avocado. Mix all these ingredients well, until a creamy consistency. Apply this hair mask for split ends, avoiding the roots. You need to focus on the average length and to the ends of your hair. Now make a hair bun and cover the head with a cup of shower, or towel. Allow this mask sit for at least an hour. Wash and condition hair as usual. You will notice great results the first time using this hair mask. Your hair will become softer, shiny and healthy.

5.) Get rid of your split ends with beer

You need just a cup of flat beer. Simply pour the beer into a spray bottle and spray evenly over the hair. Leave only for an hour and then rinse thoroughly and then wash with a mild shampoo based herbs for split ends. Sugar and protein in bonds beer hair and strengthen and repair damaged follicles. The only drawback to this treatment for hair interesting is the smell of beer, but it can easily endure it – try this method! It really works!

6.) The use of egg yolk, olive oil and honey

There is another interesting hair mask for split ends. Mix an avocado, 3 tablespoons olive oil and 2 tablespoons egg whites, whip until creamy. Now gently apply this mixture all over the hair and leave for at least 50 minutes, then wash your hair with a mild shampoo. This mask works because olive oil provides incredibly moisturizing damaged, dry hair boot, avocados are full of vitamins and other vital nutrients, and egg whites are filled with vital nutritious protein hair follicle.

Because prevention is better than cure …!

It is important to treat your hair like an expensive fabric, and that will last longer and look good. Treat or less and seem torn, battered and frayed at the split ends. So the best way to get rid of split ends is to prevent new ones from occurring. So how is this possible? Tthis is how:

7.) Reduce heat

Heat is the biggest cause of split ends, because it dramatically reduces the natural moisture balance her hair. Also, temporarily it modifies the protein structure of the hair, leading to physical trauma. Therefore avoid using hot tools such as hair dryers and irons. If you need hair styling, spray hair first with a thermal protector to prevent split ends.

8.) Crop chemicals

Various chemicals, such as lights, colors, perms and straightening trauma causes that can break the cuticle processes. Once the cuticle is weakened, split ends are bound to appear. So try to limit chemical treatments and washing refrain strands 48 hours, because their porous and when they are prone to break and divide.

9.) To preserve the moisture barrier

deep condition by using moisturizers is best for preventing split ends. These types of products that lubricate the hair fiber and keep it supple and soft. They also protect hair from harsh sun and several other environmental stressors such as humidity and wind.

10.) Take folic acid and biotin

Eat green leafy vegetables, soybeans and wheat, oranges and supplying a wide folic acid. You can get biotin from lentils, rice, sunflower seeds, peas, soybeans and nuts. It strengthens both your nails and ahir through metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

And finally, remember, if you really want to have beautiful, shiny and healthy hair with no split ends is necessary to take good care of your locks, eating healthy foods, nourish and protect your hair from exposure excessive sun.

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