6th most effective home remedies for bee stings

6th most effective home remedies for bee stings ; Contents

The First Home Remedy: Remove the stinger

bee stings First of all you should as soon as possible remove the sting. Even if it has gone under the skin. It is very important to be sure that we have removed the sting because it is very toxic and dangerous to leave it on or under the skin.

How to remove the stinger

  • easiest possible scenario is when the sting is in the skin.
  • should have tweezers and trying not to touch or put any pressure on the bite eliminate it. If you press it all the poison will come from the bubble (bubble with poison is placed on the bite) immediately in your body.
  • more complicated story is, if you do not see the bite or gone under the skin.
  • In this case you need little to press the skin and squeeze the stinger. You should tighten the skin until blood appears.
  • If compression is not working disinfect the wound and remove the stinger with a needle. Before the procedure to keep the needle over the flame or clean with alcohol.

Remember that you need to react as quickly as possible. Sting while staying on the skin continues to poison us through the skin

Important :. If you notice that is swelling too, you have a fever or other similar symptoms contact your doctor immediately. Do not put your health at risk


The second home remedy :. The use of sugar

 sugar must be very organized and quick when they were bitten by bees. The first and most important thing we did: took us to the bite. Now we have to be careful about the skin and the poison is probably under the skin. The best possible scenario is when we have a little soap and water so we can wash the stain. Or we can quickly prepare a weak solution of potassium permanganate and wash the place with such a solution. If you do not have potassium permanganate can use any antiseptic. We can use iodine or alcohol (basically they need only to ensure that the infection will remain in the wound).

Part sugar (refined sugar) should be placed immediately into the wound. Sugar is great for the purpose of taking the poison from the wound. The sooner we will place the sugar, the better. The effect will be immediate

Important :. Do not use dirty water to clean the wound. We can not use water from the lake or a pool as there is a lot of bacteria and infection in the waters,


The third home remedy :. Activated charcoal or aspirin

aspirin Fortunately, not all bee stings are bringing horrible pain and allergic reaction of the body. We must know how to cure the unpleasant symptoms but also must learn that bee sting can actually cure some diseases and is used in medicine as a treatment.

How bee sting is beneficial to our health

  • bee venom or how it is called scientifically apitoxina increases the capacity of the activity and work of the human body.
  • This venom stimulates appetite and improves sleep, increases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood.
  • This strange liquid (poisonous to us) reduces high blood pressure and the amount of cholesterol in the blood.
  • also strengthens blood vessels and adjusts the operation of various glands and the endocrine system.
  • When the patient is receiving treatment with bee venom realized that the sharp and sudden pain that occurs in osteoarthritis and osteochondritis often disappears.

However, it should also be ready to solve the problem if the bite was not received as a treatment, but it happens suddenly. Very useful is how to neutralize the poison of the sting. If we were bitten by bees must wash a little place where we were bitten with clean water and put a pill aspirin on the sting. hazardous components of the poison will be neutralized so.


activated is also very useful if you want to absorb the poison from the wound. We must take some pills of activated charcoal and crush them. broken tablets of activated charcoal mixed with water until you get liquid paste looking. The paste is applied over the wound and fixed with bandage or plaster. This remedy will help neutralize the poison and act as an absorbent

Important :. If you are bitten by a pair of insects in the face and neck or immediate allergic reaction to bee stings it looks and in addition to redness and swelling of the bite appears fever, nausea, vomiting and difficulty breathing or coughing must go immediately to the doctor


fourth home remedy :. napkin parsley

Parsley compress Parsley benefits have been known for a long time. This is the reason why this root and grass is included not only in our daily diet, but is also used extensively in a lot of home remedies. Parsley is rich in vitamins and useful minerals. Parsley contains potassium, manganese, vitamin C, B1, B2, K and even carotene. Total 25-30 g of fresh parsley consumed daily to cover the daily requirement of vitamin C.

perfectly Parsley helps relieve swelling after bee sting. The easiest and fastest way is to grind or crush the leaves of this plant and apply it to the bite site. Usually, the ground herb is fixed at the point of the bite and left overnight. The annoying pain will disappear immediately. You will be surprised, but in the morning under the napkin parsley you will hardly notice the bite point. Parsley your skin will recover perfectly.

drink recipe parsley

  • Along with the napkin set at the point of bite is very beneficial to the recovery of eating parsley drink.
  • parsley reduce pain and inflammation.
  • parsley also help with redness of the stain.
  • in order to prepare the drink we’ll need 2 tablespoons parsley root (chopped).
  • chopped parsley roots that pour 500 grams of boiling water and let stand for 8-10 hours.
  • 10 hours must strain the drink and eat three times daily in the amount of 1/3 of a glass.

This simple solution allows to get rid of the most common bee sting allergic reactions. It is recommended to drink parsley drink half an hour before lunch

Important :. Wash the parsley leaves properly before application to the wound. Change parsley compress every 2-3 hours during the day


The fifth home remedy :. Apply aloe

Aloe juice More than 3000 years Aloe is used in different home remedies for simple reason: it is amazing and very useful because of its healing properties. This plant is widespread throughout the world, can be purchased at any gardening section of the large supermarket. It is very easy to take care of this plant at home. If you do not already have in your home you should buy now or ask your friends to give this healing miracle plant as a gift.

Aloe benefits to our health

  • Aloe contains sodium, copper, potassium, manganese, zinc, iron, iodine, fluorine, silicon and zinc.
  • rich in vitamins A, E, C, B.
  • Aloe is useful for cleansing the blood.
  • This plant accelerates the healing of wounds, cracks, ulceration.
  • is known for the normalization of metabolic processes occurring in our body.
  • lowers cholesterol.

Usually, aloe juice is used is not as concentrated or as they say pre-diluted with clear water. Many of us already use aloe for our routine skin care or other different reasons. But you also have to learn that Aloe is perfect when it comes to cure bee stings.

Applying Aloe juice

  • Aloe juice is necessary. The best possible way is to take a license from the plant and press
  • fresh Aloe juice is diluted with water in ratio of 1: .. 1
  • Apply the juice diluted in place where he was bitten.
  • can also try to put a leaf of aloe on a bee sting. Remove the shell of the license and will release all the active ingredients of the plant.
  • Aloe very quickly reduce swelling, itching and hives.

In order to achieve better and faster results aloe leaves should be rinsed with water and broke a little. Thus, aloe leaves give a good therapeutic effect. Aloe is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity or have allergic reactions to aloe vera


Important :. For home remedies that is more convenient to use aloe leaves, which are about 3 years old. The leaves should be cut. They start using the leaves that are lower and larger


The sixth home remedy :. Sodium bicarbonate compress

Baking soda In the summer, it is so nice to relax in nature or in the village. People often on weekends enjoy the fresh air, flowers and walks in the parks or forests. However, you should remember that right there in the woods or parks where we are enjoying the flowers can be stung by bees or a lot of other insects. It’s good to learn what home remedies are better and faster when it comes to bee stings.

If you are bitten by mosquitoes, wasps, bees or other insects baking soda can help relieve burning and itching and will not let germs in the wound.

baking soda recipes

  • 1 teaspoon baking soda must be diluted per cup of water.
  • Clean the skin several times a day with this simple solution.
  • insects will not be addressed after a procedure of this kind.
  • Another simple remedy will help when the bee and you or your child bitten.
  • mix warm water with sodium (3 parts baking soda and 1 part water) bicarbonate.
  • Apply the paste on the sting and press with your finger (bite should had already been out of the wound).
  • Cover the dough with gauze in order to stay hydrated.

These home remedies will not only reduce the pain and inflammation but also help neutralize some toxins contained in insect venoms.

Important :. everyone who is prone to allergic reactions should carry a first ambulance aid in each and every trip to the nature



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