Getting water from the ear easily and smoothly: Home made technical

Getting water from the ear easily and smoothly: Home made technical ;

How to get water out of your ear foto Often during take bath or swimming that we can soon feel discomfort inside our ear scratching, pressure and strange noise. These are clear signs of water in our auditory canal

This is not only annoying, but can be dangerous :. The water may contain bacteria and other germs that can cause infections and cause otitis. So when you have caught a little water with the ear, do not leave it there. You must be eliminated at all costs. Here we have gathered the most reliable, easy and safe methods of getting water from the ear without damaging


The method number one .: no let water into the ear.

As we all know, prevention is better than cure. There are plenty of earplugs that can be bought for little money. Perhaps, it is the best way to prevent ear water and pressure (if you like diving). But do not forget to remove them, because after using for a long time which can disrupt blood flow in your ears. Please choose those caps that are easy to remove, otherwise you may need a little help or treatment

The method number two: .. Alcohol and vinegar

How to get water out of your ear foto Take equal proportions of ingredients, mix and heat a little. Then pour a few drops of this mixture into the air with a pipette

This wonderful remedy performs several useful functions :.

  1. Alcohol kills harmful bacteria and prevent infection.
  2. the acidic solution has an influence on the cerumen (earwax called). It helps break up and dissolve. Earwax may retain water in the ear, so that one of the obstacles for water in our ears disappears.
  3. Alcohol causes water to evaporate from the fastest ear.

This method is not useful if the eardrum is damaged or if you have sensitive skin

The method number three: Physical methods ..

  1. How to get water out of your ear foto Tilt your head lights wait until gravity do everything. In one or more minutes the water was hot in his ear and canal flow out smoothly
  2. Knowledge of physics lets you use another method :. a vacuum does in his ear. Narrowing the palm of affected ear and gently push the hand in and out until the water turns out. Do only with his head down, otherwise you can throw the deeper water in the channel. If you are sure, you can use your finger to create a vacuum in her ear. However, this method is not very safe: it can damage the channel with the nail, damaging the finger or just pull the earwax in the ear and stop up
  3. The so-called Valsalva maneuver is another method to get water. ear based on physics. Just take a deep breath, and then close your mouth and cover your nostrils with your fingers. After that you have to expel air from the nose. It gently until you hear a popping sound of the Eustachian tube opened. This procedure must be carried out carefully in order to maintain their safe
  4. eardrums


The method number four: .. The heating of the ear

  1. How to get water out of your ear foto can do with a simple hair dryer. Keep the dryer ten or twelve inches away from air, the goal in the affected air temperature change dryer to heat and turn it on for about half a minute. Repeat for a few minutes, if necessary. Note that it may be dangerous to keep the dryer for more than 30 seconds and blowing cold air ear :. The ear can catch cold to be in such a project
  2. make a heating pad, that will help your Eustachian tube open and let the water out of your ear. All you need is a bit of cloth and hot water. Dip the cloth in water, wring it out and place it against the ear for about thirty seconds. Repeat for five or six times with 1 minute pauses between repetitions.
  3. Steam inhalation also make your eustachian tube open and let the water flow easily. Pour a little boiling pure water in the container, cover your head with a towel and place your face over the bowl. Do not be too close to the cup, it can damage the skin with steam at high temperature. Gently inhale some steam for a couple of minutes. Then tilt your head to the affected side and the water is turned off. The alternative method is taking a hot shower


Method Number Five: chemicals and substances ..

  1. Hydrogen peroxide it is a great substance to let water out of your ear and kill harmful germs. Fill the dropper with a little peroxide and pour two or three drops in the ear. Wait for a minute and tilt the affected ear.
  2. The salt is another substance that can help. You can make a hot compress with salt water or just warm 50 grams of salt in the microwave, which started in the cotton cloth and tie. Keep this lotion for three minutes near the affected ear. The salt will also cause milder pain


Method Number Six: .. Contact a professional

How to get water out of your ear foto If you are unsure or are too afraid to do anything mentioned above, just go to the doctor. A professional will easily remove water from the ear, disinfect and give you some tips on how to avoid this problem in the future. This is the most reliable method of obtaining water from the ear, but it will take time and money.
The methods mentioned above will help you get the water out of your ear without problems and goes to the doctor. Follow recipes carefully if you do not want to hurt himself. The water in the ear can sometimes cause serious problems, but if it is, there is a backwash effect. We are confident that our recipes will help you get rid of your problem and live a happy life.



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