How to get rid of blisters on the feet

How to get rid of blisters on the feet ;

If you’ve ever gone on a long walk and ended the day with a blister unbearable pain in his feet; you probably walked away with shoes that do not fit well causing friction between shoes and feet. This friction caused a tear in the outer layer of the skin, where the fluid can leak through and form a blister. If the blister untreated, they could become infected. The first to do so since it can no longer walk without trying to get rid of the blister, is to get rid of the blister.

How to get rid of the blister on the foot

You can start the healing process of the ampule for not wearing uncomfortable shoes that caused the blister, especially not while the blister is still healing . It is best not to pop a blister, but if you have to make sure that your hands are sterilized and the instrument used to pop the blister is sterile. Use alcohol to sterilize a needle before popping the blister. If the blister is not infected, oozing yellow pus, squeeze the clear liquid and place a bandage over the blister and let it heal. Most of the blister to dry themselves and heal over time if they are no longer angry, that is rarely the case with blisters on his feet.

Another line of action illustrates how to get rid of blisters on the feet is to cover the blister with molesking tape during the day or at work or school and remove the moleskin every night or every time which are home to allow the vial to breathe. You may wonder where do you get the tape moleskin. moleskin tape is commonly sold in retail drug free of large retail grocery section. Usually it sold in small rolls. The aim is to allow the blister to heal naturally. As the blister dries the skin stays up again and there is no indication that there was not a blister.

Many people use various methods to stimulate healing of a blister, but the safest and most effective method is to let the blister heals. How to get rid of blisters on your feet begins with you being responsible for keeping the area clean allowing blister environment in which to heal. Stop using tight manner or another uncomfortable shoes that caused the blister in the first place. Keep the area of ​​repeated friction. Cover with padding. If you decide to blow it up, wear a bandage. If you choose not to blow it, use thicker skin mole. In about a week the blister should dry and begin to heal itself.

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