How to get rid of hay fever

How to get rid of hay fever ; Have you ever wake up with a dry throat and a runny nose, although it has felt well for days without signs of a cold? Chances are you have a bit of a case of hay fever. Hay fever usually at its worst during the spring and summer months, when levels of airborne allergens are high, it is not caused by a virus and is contagious. The hayfever in place due to high levels of allergens and fine particles in the air – this may come in the form of pollen, mold, animal dander, dust and other environmental triggers, such as smog and pollution the automóviles.Aunque there is no “cure” for hay fever, you can reduce your risk of getting it, and make them disappear bothersome symptoms in a number of maneras.Puede be useful to get an allergy test done without keep in mind if you struggle with hay fever often or not. Knowing what you are allergic to, in any case can help prevent hayfever in the future and more severe reactions.

1. Watch for pollen levels.

At your local weather station, either online or on TV, there is probably an indicator of pollen levels and air quality. Monitoring these things are important if you getting hay fever easily – pollen is well known to make irritation worse breasts, and air quality in general have an impact on your symptoms of hay fever if you already have and can make you come down with it you do not.

2. Use a breathing mask.

When you are doing yard work such as mowing, weeding, pruning or garden, which helps bring a breathing mask the irritating particles that can ingest are cut. The herb is a major irritant for many people, because when cut with a cutter to many particles released into the aire.Alternativamente, you can wear a scarf over your face – this does not work so well in filtering the air, but in general it is more comfortable and less clumsy in his face.

3. Get an allergy test.

If you have not done, and experience hay fever more often than you think it should, there is a good chance that you may be allergic to algo.Visite your doctor about getting a scratch test – is test score when small amounts of potential allergens in the skin. If you get an immediate reaction, then you are allergic to that substance. Knowing what you are allergic to, in any case, it will help you avoid and perhaps get some medicines if you are out of your hands.

4. Rinse your breasts.

A Neti pot or saline flush is useful for cleaning your breasts. A saline solution is a liquid sprayer tightens up the nostril – that goes for the other nostril and clean nasal passages. This is easier to use a Neti pot – through a Neti pot is the same idea, you need to make your own saline for use. However, if you want to make your own, here are the steps: Mix three tablespoons of salt without iodine and sodium bicarbonate table. Add this mixture to a cup of warm distilled or bottled water. Finally, keep your head to the side, and pour the solution into your nostril through the spout of the pot Neti.Nota – if you make this mixture, do not use tap water unless it has been boiled. Tap water may contain fine material that could irritate your breasts even more.In the general to get a pre-made saline is easier because you can take with you if necessary. If you’re going to be going camping, playing sports, or doing other outdoor activities, you may want to keep a hand.

5. Get mite proof bedcovers.

There is a good chance that the source of hay fever are in bed, especially if you are walking with symptoms often. If this is the case, you may want to buy some bedding mite-proof itself, and be sure to clean your sheets and pillowcases in hot water often. This will not only reduce dust mites, but also get rid of other transfer of allergens from pets and outdoor allergens on their clothes.

6. Look for mold.

If mold of any kind around your home, you should remove it as soon as you see it. releases mold spores that irritate the sinuses and throat, contributing to your symptoms of hay fever. Some molds, such as black mold, release spores that can be toxic, so this kind of molds have to be eliminated despite, or you could run the risk of developing more serious problems respiratorios.La most molds found in kitchens and bathrooms can be cleaned with a mixture of half cup of bleach to one gallon of water.

7. Keep humidity levels low.

Moisture breeds mold, so will have to ensure that the level of humidity in your home, especially in the room, is around 30% -50%. You can do this by using a dehumidifier, or control your air conditioner. Low humidity levels will help your breasts flow better, to prevent mold and make your home more comfortable around your site.

8. Use antihistamines or other medications.

Talk to your doctor about medications for allergies, if any, or think you can. This should be done more by problems of chronic allergies, hay fever, but could play a role in this, so consult your doctor about treatments that would be ideal for you, and any possible effect secundario.La hay fever can ruin a beautiful summer day without notice, or even right from the start when they wake up. It’s frustrating, but by using these tips, it does not have to ruin your day. No serious medical condition related hay fever and there is no cure, so the best thing to do really is to avoid completely and use any of these tips and tricks to get rid of it.

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