How to get rid of stained teeth

How to get rid of stained teeth ;

Needless to say that the teeth are the first in line to meet what we put in our mouth (well, after our lips). Years of smoking, drinking tea or coffee, or simply poor oral hygiene can cause tooth discoloration. In this sense, we learn more about how to get stains on their teeth, and most importantly, how can we get rid of them.

causes of stained teeth

There are two branches of stained teeth. They can be divided into intrinsic and extrinsic causes causes. Extrinsic stains are stains that can be seen in the outer layer of the teeth, usually caused by layers of bacteria or fungi that grow on teeth. Poor oral hygiene, regular drink coffee and other habits that cause spots on the outer layer of the teeth all causes of extrinsic stains

Intrinsic stains are stains that appear to be growing in the teeth, or within the layers of the tooth. These differences arise from systemic causes, including antibiotics, aging, trauma inflicted directly on the teeth, excess fluoride, tooth decay and even dental fillings.

good oral hygiene

teeth stains do not happen overnight. They are usually the result of years of exposure of teeth for different things that cause stains. The easiest solution would be to brush your teeth immediately after eating, or at least three times a day for about ten minutes for each brushing. use regular flossing and using mouthwash all help your mouth area not only clean, but the free spot. You should also visit your dentist for a regular checkup and cleaning once every six months.

Just a word of caution: While it may sound like a good idea to brush your teeth too hard, no! Brushing your teeth too hard you can remove the tooth enamel and expose the darker layer underneath tooth enamel. Keep your toothbrush with soft bristles, and brush your teeth gently but thoroughly!

Drink water

Drinking water just after drinking coffee, tea, soft drinks or flavored drink should also help prevent that stained teeth. Although the ideal brushing teeth should come right after drinking any of these, the truth is not what most people would do. So what to do is a little water swirl inside his mouth for a minute after drinking coffee or any of the drinks mentioned, to prevent build up on the teeth and cause staining. The sugarless chewing gum is also said to have the same effect as water. Chewing gum right after drinking your coffee or tea.

eat crunchy food

crunchy foods like apples, carrots, pears and celery (Tips on how to grow celery) break into smaller pieces and rub against the teeth, which in turn help dislodge small pieces of food left between teeth that can cause cavities and stains. Another advantage? They are healthy and good for you!

As an additional tip, eat less sticky foods (the most likely to actually stick around) will also help prevent the spread of stained teeth in the long run.


snuff, or smoking, is one of the main causes of the worst kind of extrinsic stains on teeth. Cause stains dark brown or black, which result from the combustion of tar in snuff and penetration of juices snuff and pigments on teeth and gums. Anyone can point to a lifelong smoker simply by changing the color of your teeth and gums. Think of it this way, removing stains on teeth are just one of the many good reasons why you should quit smoking forever. (More information on how to get rid of smoking)

tooth whitening products

teeth whitening products are often the safest way and quickest way to get rid of teeth stains extrinsic. While many toothpaste and other dental products they swear to your product to obtain results, it is often better to go to your dentist first and do what works best for you. Whitening products real teeth (and not only products with teeth whitening factors) usually require teeth to soak in teeth whitening products overnight or for a few hours. teeth whitening products can also cause teeth to become brittle, so if you are planning to use these home teeth whitening kits, think very carefully. Ditto for whitening strips and teeth peroxide solutions.

Sodium Bicarbonate

One way to have a method to whiten natural teeth without resorting to chemicals is by using baking soda. Sodium bicarbonate enamel of your teeth are not worn, so it is safer to use. Before using toothpaste, toothbrush wet in water and get a new box or can of baking soda. Immerse the surface of the toothbrush in baking soda, ensuring that the entire surface is covered in white powder. Then brush your teeth! It is easy. Smaller particles gently rub away the particles that cause stains, and can proceed to normal after brushing to help get rid of the salty taste.

caps, crowns and fillings

What are veneers? Think of them as the tooth version of artificial nails. A porcelain layer is superposed on the surface of the teeth, making them reach a more uniform color.

Coronas perform what they sound: When the tooth has decayed beyond what a normal filling can do to help prevent or, a crown is installed or crowned at the top of your tooth. This helps get rid of teeth stains that were caused by tooth decay and cavities.

Fillers are a method performed when a small portion of your tooth (usually surface) portion just begun to decay and is removed to prevent it from spreading to other parts of your tooth. The portion scraped then replaced with a filler. Some fillers can cause stains on teeth and must be replaced over time.

Use a straw

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective. Even if you can feel a little silly wearing them, using straw when your coffee or tea drinking is an effective way to prevent stains from teeth. This is because the use of straw helps the liquid bypass teeth and go straight for the throat. The less contact with their colorful drinks have with their teeth, minor issues you have with stains.

Consult your dentist

If you’ve tried all the recommended methods and none of them has worked so far, it is time to consult with your dentist. discoloration of teeth or teeth stains may simply be the result of other causes, like dead nerve roots in the teeth, medications and other underlying causes that will not be solved simply by brushing with baking soda. Remember, if your dentist can not find a way to get rid of the stain from the teeth of all, he or she has a myriad of ways to make your teeth look even better!

When it comes to getting rid of stained teeth and keep them stain-free, it comes down to our daily habits and hygiene. Remember, prevention is the best cure.

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