How to get rid of toothache: do-it-yourself initial care when you can not take it anymore

How to get rid of toothache: do-it-yourself initial care when you can not take it anymore ;

toothache A toothache is a real annoying problem. Simply not allowed to eat, sleep, talk or even smile normally. We will not describe the whole range of negative feelings; everyone can say that toothache is one thing you would not wish on your worst enemy

Generally, a toothache is accompanied by :.

  • high temperature;
  • swollen gums or cheeks;
  • sulking;
  • hypersensitivity ;.
  • bad breath

Each doctor will say that all these reasons are enough to go to the hospital. However, if a toothache catches you while you sleep or do not feel good enough even to walk, there are some ways to get rid of a toothache in the country for some time. They warn that even after getting rid of a toothache you have to consult a dentist, as these methods do not can help eliminate the source of pain. Otherwise, you are taking a risk of more serious health problems and not getting any positive result


number one method :. Medicine

there are some specialized types of painkillers that can help get rid of pain fast wheels in pharmacies. The most effective must contain:

  • tablets ketoprofen
  • Ibuprofen
  • naproxen.

These analgesics can take toothache distance of five or six hours and can calm inflammation simultaneously. It should be enough to get some sleep or get to the doctor’s office without any disturbance.Painkillers containing diclofenac are known as very powerful; however, there are stomatological application.

  1. sulfonamide and their derivatives are also popular for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. Such drugs as Analgin or paracetamol are very popular and affordable, but can help get rid of only mild toothache pain.
  3. If you can not find any tablets at hand, you can find some specialty pastas anesthetic in pharmacies. They are useful to use :. Just apply some paste on a tooth or area of ​​damage to the mouth and relief in seconds feel

People say that these pastes are quite useful, without But they do not have as clear a long time ago as tablets do.

Each doctor say that once strong painkiller has to be a necessary part of your first aid kit. However, the strongest painkillers are not sold without a prescription and even the weak can harm your health if you are overdose. On the other hand, they are not recommended in most of these medications for pregnant women except paracetamol. This substance can get rid of mils or weak tooth pain and not affect the fetus. Actually, pregnant women who pass a test in the cabinet of the dentist in the early beginning of their pregnancy to exclude all other problems with teeth is recommended. It is not hard to guess that today people mostly use painkillers to get rid of toothache, as they are faster and more effective

Please note :. Remember that any analgesic must be used according to your recipe. You can get hurt or even die if you do not look

Note that if you have :.

  1. hyper sensitivity to components;
  2. including asthma aspirin;
  3. gastric or duodenal;
  4. ulcerative colitis;
  5. Crohn’s disease;
  6. hemophilia or other clotting disorders blood;
  7. renal or hepatic impairment;

Remember is forbidden to take painkillers. We note that you consult your doctor if you are not sure that a painkiller will not hurt


Method number two :. Copy sodium

backing soda Sodium bicarbonate is a substance that has found its place, probably in every kitchen. The sodium backup solution is a good remedy against inflammation. All you have to do is add one or two tablespoons in a glass of warm water and gargle the throat with this solution, at least three times a day. People say that this method is good when you have to get rid of toothache immediately, but can not cope with the source of pain, so, anyway, go to the dentist as soon as possible.

Note: Note that not overdose of sodium to the solution as it can hurt your body. Mixing sodium bicarbonate with pure water only as it is a powerful reactive and can react with other substances


Method number three :. Iodine

The iodine is an old and reliable method of getting healthy. Its scope is very broad: from simple scratches to gargle when you have tonsillitis. In fact, iodine can help you with your teeth when they hurt. There are some recipes for external and internal use of iodine.


  • Initially, you can draw net iodine on the cheek that covers a tooth damage.
  • Another way is also simple: just creates an iodine buffer and plug in a bad tooth with him
  • When you can not find an exact source of pain, just some tincture of iodine are dissolved (1 / 2. teaspoon) in a glass of warm water and gargle your mouth with this solution.

iodine is famous for its disinfectant properties and can kill all harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Please note: Use only weak iodine solutions because it is a poison when concentrated. No overdose of iodine tincture for gargling, as it can cause vomiting or intoxication. the dye can not swallow, spit after gargling


Method number four :. Acupuncture

Yes, you have not misheard. It seems strange, but the old masters preferred to get rid of different pains exactly with the help of acupuncture. This practice sometimes seems like magic, however, is certainly one of the first types of medicine and has some techniques when their toothaches.

  1. аcupuncture The first is to massage a point between phalanxes of the index finger and thumb. This point is located in a hollow. It is considered that such massage for pregnant women are not allowed in the last months of pregnancy because it can cause premature labor.
  2. The second technique is to massage with your index finger and thumb of a point on the root of the earlobe, which is on the opposite of harming the teeth side.
  3. If you want to get rid of toothache in the upper jaw, just use your thumb to press a point located in the gap between the cheekbone and lower jaw.
  4. When the lower jaw problems occur, massaging a point at the corner of the lower jaw. Or, you can massage a point on the outer edge of the phalanx of his index finger. The point is needed is 2-3 mm lower is the root of the nail

Please note :. Any massage should be done with great wisdom. Massage or press the paint carefully and not more than 5 minutes ago. If you do not feel an effect, perhaps, it is better for you to find another way to get rid of pain. Otherwise you may hurt yourself or waste your time. Of course, acupuncture as part of alternative medicine is not approved by medical certificates, however, it is more than 4000 years old and some people use it to relieve or completely eliminate any pain. Anyway, we can not guarantee any exact success with this method


Method Number Five :. Chicory plant

chicory Yes, chicory is as good as an alternative to coffee and tablets. His pain relieving effect is approved by dentistry

This is a simple recipe of anesthetic infusion :.

  1. cut a chicory root into small pieces
  2. put them in the cup,
  3. add 10 drops of lemon juice or citric acid 5-7 grains and pour 200 ml of boiling water.

After that you have to gargle mouth with this hot infusion. This method is useful even when you have a very strong pain. If you are fond of gardening and you are sure you can find some chicory in their patches, just chew some fresh roots of this plant. Your toothache will disappear only for the period of reaching the dentist

Please note :. If you are unsure about the plant that is going to take, consult a professional. Do not use unknown plants because they can be toxic to your body


Method number six :. Garlic

Garlic is another plant that is widely used in alternative medicine. There are several ways to use garlic when you have a toothache. The simplest is to eat a little garlic. Yes, it is not pleasant, but effective. Another way is to make a buffer

  1. Garlic take equal amounts of garlic, onion and salt;
  2. powder and mix these ingredients;
  3. apply to cotton pad;
  4. then he puts on a tooth that hurts

as follows using garlic may seem strange: it has. to make a buffer fed fresh garlic and put on a wrist of the hand, on the same side of the jaw hurt. Do not forget to put a piece of cloth between garlic paste and skin. Otherwise you will get a very painful burn

Please note :. This method is considered to be very powerful, yet doctors advice not to abuse the consumption of garlic as it can harm your skin or the digestive system


method number seven :. Natural oils

If you have many trees or other natural oils, which will surely help eliminate toothaches. Fir oil, tea tree or roses should be applied to a cotton pad. Simply apply the natural oils from these plants and trees for an effect:

natural oils

  • fir;
  • Tea tree;
  • Pinks;
  • Calendula;
  • Spruce;
  • Cedar.

Then you have to shake such buffer to check exactly close to the source of pain. The pain will be removed in a while and you will be able to “survive” a night or get to the doctor without any problems. Many people (especially women) use this method, because it is very easy and is a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone :. Everyone knows that natural oils are very good for our skin

Note: Keep the oil in your skin for a short period of time (maximum 20 minutes), as many of them can leave skin burns. Wash your face with warm water and soap


Method number eight :. Alcohol

Yes, any alcoholic beverage is a good remedy anesthesia and disinfection. We do not recommend the use of cocktails or low-alcohol beverages. These alcohol can do better for your teeth hurting

  • AlcoholVodka;
  • Whiskey;
  • Rum;
  • Absent;
  • Brandy;
  • Cognac.

Just take a tablespoon of any beverage listed above and keep it close to a toothache. Alcohol relieve pain, make your gums less sensitive and kill all the bacteria in the mouth

Please note :. we do not recommend this method for those going to reach doctor’s room by car. We must not forget that large amounts of alcohol can be toxic to your body


Method number nine :. Herbs

Many people still believe in the healing properties of different herbs. And they’re right: some herbs can really help get rid of toothache. What herbs can be made into potions that can help you with toothache:


  1. Sage;
  2. plantain;
  3. snakeroot;
  4. chamomile;
  5. mint;
  6. sweet-Mary

Just put one or two teaspoons of dried herb to 200 ml of boiling water and boil the infusion on. a water bath for ten minutes. Potions are ready to use when cooled for some time. Remember, do not use very hot potions, as you may get a burn or a toothache can be stronger, because of the extra blood flown to the gums. You can moisten a cotton in the potion and apply it to a tooth or just gargle with infusions mouth. Doctors can not argue with the advantages of this method, at least, can not do any further damage to their health

Please note :. Please use only plants known to you. If you do not know what plant is to be used, consult an expert. Some plants can be toxic to the body.

Now, we will tell you about some very obvious methods to get rid of toothache and some aspects that are considered to be good, but not recommended to be used.

  1. Remove food debris from the mouth and places between teeth. first, you may be embarrassed during a test in the cabinet of the dentist, if you find any of the food in the mouth. Second, the food left between teeth is a great way for different harmful bacteria and a wonderful source of odor. We recommend that you floss and toothbrush. Remember to clean your teeth with care and tenderness, especially when one of your teeth aches in order to avoid more pain and problems.
  2. Try not to use a tooth hurt when eating. When your toothaches, you need not give full-time job. Of course, it is dangerous to eat hard foods like nuts, chips, fresh vegetables and fruits.
  3. Many information sources recommend using ice to get rid of toothache. Many specialists who disagrees with that method. In fact, it is recommended not to “manipulate” the mouth temperature when you have a toothache. The origins of toothache can be different and it is about impossible to reveal them without any specialized help. If an ice cube on the tooth is applied, you can feel the relief immediately, but the opportunity to more problems (eg, a tooth abscess) grows immediately. With respect to thermal insulation, it is also service a bear teeth. So that only you can make stronger the pain and obtain any necessary effect. Those who have sensitive teeth, it can be shown that the rapid change in temperature in the mouth can go crazy

Remember :. These tips and techniques may not work for everyone with equal results. Different people prefer different ways. If there is a method does not work, try another and not lose hope. Please note that the information you just read is to get rid of toothache, not its origin. As we know, the pain is only a reaction to a disorder in our body, so it can not guarantee that a toothache never fell after using these recipes. Anyway, the most powerful and the only 100% effective to get rid of a toothache method is always to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Only a professional is able to reveal the source of pain and help you with your teeth problems completely.




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