How to get rid of water in the ears

How to get rid of water in the ears ;

Water plays a vital role in our lives. In fact, no one can survive three days without water. This useful resource provides food, acts as a cleaning agent, and even serves as a means of physical fitness such as swimming and water polo (Tips on how to play water polo). But water also presents some problems, however trivial they may be. For example, have you had water in his ears stuck?

When water is trapped inside your ear, your hearing is impaired temporarily. You will feel like bubbles inside your head, which is anything but comfortable. These bubbles make your inner ear itches and delicate, especially when they collide with the inner walls of your ear. As if that were not enough, water can cause infections if it stays long in your ear.

Want to spit the water out of the ears right now? Here are seven ways to remove water from the ears.

Option A: Method Jumping Bean

Tilt the affected ear down. Hitting your head down with the palm, the way you hit a bottle of ketchup, and see if the water is removed. If water remains inside your ear, preparing to jump like a restless toad. Follow the inclination of his head with the affected ear down and then jump up and down for a few minutes. Make vigorous jumps if the water remains inside the ear. Over time, the water will be shaken by their movements and pulled down by gravity.

This option may seem silly at first, but it really works. Imagine yourself as a Mexican jumping bean on a mission. Soon, they will find that so annoying condition can be solved by an equally annoying resource.

Option B: input and output as a waterspout

A waterspout is a tornado that picks up quickly and has water. You can use this natural occurrence as your inspiration to get rid of water in your ear. Turning around the shower like a whirlwind is not really necessary. All you have to do is imitate the method of collection and disposal of water from a waterspout actual water.

Tilt the head so that the affected ear is facing up. Collect water using a dropper then place two or three drops in the ear. Once this is done, turn the head with a quick, sudden movement with the affected ear down. The water dropped her in her ear act as a hook, pulling down and standing water. If water remains in the ear, just repeat the process until you have successfully removed all the water.

Option C: sit still

Each time the water gets stuck in their ears, some people become more active and vigorous. Sometimes, the water has just been buried more inside. A good solution to this problem is to do absolutely nothing. Think of yourself as a tree as he stands motionless for several minutes. Soon, the gravity and the weight of water that the water is stagnant pull a viable level inside your ear. Then you can apply all other options in this list. Consider yourself lucky if the internal structure of their ear points down, they do not need all the other options in this case.

Option D: D Dial for Doctor

Doctors are experienced professionals with an interest in the solution of human disease and a set of scientific instruments. These people have saved lives with their abilities, so a simple problem of water-in-your-ear will be solved in a jiffy. The only drawback to this option is that you have to pay for the service.

Of course, if you have a lot of cash and little patience, you can skip all other options and proceed to dial D to the doctor.

Option E: Sleeping with open ears

Sleep is the common enemy of annoying occurrences and things. If you have a nasty headache, you can always sleep through it and be fine by the time you wake up (learn how to cure a headache naturally). In the case of standing water in the ear, the solution is not really different.

You can use the dream to get rid of a lot of discomfort and the small amount of water inside the ear. Just tilt the affected ear down and embrace a long pillow. Soon, stagnant water is pulled down by gravity. You will feel refreshed when you wake up.

Option F: The eardrops Medical

Remember the B option where you have to act like a jet of water to remove water from the ear? Consider this option as an upgrade. Instead of using water, use a Eardrop specially formulated to engage the water out of your ear. The active ingredients of this drop for medical prevent the development of infections on the walls and organs of the inner ear. The eardrop is also a bit heavier than water, so you can remove stagnant water more efficiently than normal water droplets.

You simply have to drop two or three drops of the medical solution in the affected ear. Quickly turn your head to the affected ear down. Repeat the process until you have removed all the water.

Option G: Hair Dryer Method

Set the hair dryer on a low temperature setting and then point the nozzle at the opening of the inner ear. If the dryer water inside the ear does not dry, the temperature can be increased until the dryer over time is responsible for all standing water.

The Lowdown

Each of the options in this list are simple but effective. Except for the D option, the efficiency of each remedy depends on the execution and the internal structure of the ear. Consult a doctor if the attempt to remove water from the ear is superior to a whole day. If the water stays longer than that period, the ear can be infected and can pave the way for wounds or injuries. If you are interested in reading this article, you might be interested in reading how to get rid of the ringing in your ears.

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