Avoid lice summer camp

Avoid lice summer camp ; checking for lice, get rid of lice

Q. My kids love summer camp but last year they came home with lice. We tried three different lice shampoos and rinses special limited success. It took months of treatment and removal to get rid of insects.

is almost time for my children to go to camp this summer and I’m dreading the possibility that they will come home with lice again. Is there anything they can do to avoid catching lice?

A. Whenever children are indoors, the chances of getting lice rise. Encourage your children to avoid wearing hats or helmets that no one else has worn. They should also try not to touch the head or hair hair of other children.

Another option would be to send with amber Listerine outdated and suggest that use it as a rinse after shampooing, taking care to keep out of the eyes. fourteen who received the following message from a mother going through a similar situation at school does:

“My quick fix to prevent lice problem is Listerine I tried it and I am convinced. it works. Put Listerine mouthwash all on the head of a child. strong will smell until dry and then there is no smell. Do not rinse the hair.

“My child, even slept in the same bed with another young man who later was found to have lice. My son was not affected. “

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