How to get rid of lice with Listerine

How to get rid of lice with Listerine ; checking for lice, get rid of lice

Parents fear the call from the school that must pick up their children now because the child has lice. At that time, the question of how to get rid of lice suddenly becomes urgent.

There are over-the-counter lice shampoos containing permethrin ( Nix ) or pyrethrin ( Rid ). Both rid of adult lice, and permethrin also kills lice eggs (nits). Over the years, however, they have become less than fully effective, since lice in many parts of the country have developed resistance to them.

A review of the literature suggests that these treatments are no longer the first choice for treatment of head lice ( Prescrire International , July 2014). Instead, a method that kills lice through physical mechanisms is recommended. The recommended option is dimethicone, since drowns them. However, it is not available in the US.,. Many of our readers use Listerine to get rid of lice.

Listerine to get rid of lice:

P I am 48 and have never had an experience with lice so far. My 7-year-old was sent home from school with head lice today.

called me a friend who told me about the Listerine treatment. Man, he did kill those little dead bugs! My wife was picking up dead hair of my daughter insects.

We further treatment in a couple of days to make sure that lice are all dead. We use four or five full caps, enough to absorb hair and get rid of lice.

A. we first heard about using old-fashioned amber Listerine against lice more than 15 years ago. A nurse told us that the secret ingredient in the mouthwash is alcohol, which suffocates the lice quick.

To treat lice, people often soak their scalps with Listerine, wet hair wrapped in a towel for half an hour and then rinse Listerine and lice away. By repeating the process every five to six days kills lice as they hatch emerging as the mouthwash not get rid of the lice eggs. Combing the hair to remove nits also makes the treatment more effective.

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