How to get rid of mice with natural spray

How to get rid of mice with natural spray

Most homeowners have to deal with a pest problem at some point in its history.Whether termites, ants or rodents, pests may both be a nuisance and create real damage to your property.Get rid of pests can be costly and time as professional exterminators often requires multiple visits and treatments before the pests are effectively eliminated.However, if the pest in question is the common house mouse, is not an alternative treatment that you can try before calling a professional?Natural aerosols, used properly can get rid of mice.

Instructions for getting rid of mice with natural spray

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  • Clean areas frequented by mice.Vacuum mice droppings have left behind first.Use a strong cleaner with a disinfectant or a solution of water and bleach for washing simple all areas that mice traffic.
  • Natural peppermint sprays to ward off mice.The strong smell of mint bothers mice to the point where they will leave their house for friendlier climes.Pour some peppermint oil 100 percent in a spray bottle and spray the liquid liberally in closets, drawers, along baseboards, heat and other mice rather have seen or heard.
  • Repeat sprays per week for at least a month to get the best results.Once you are sure the mice have not stopped to inspect your home for obvious entry points and seal them off so the mice cannot return.Browse foundation cracks, holes around the window frame basement and open vents.



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