How to get rid of fruit flies, Get rid of and better ways

How to get rid of fruit flies, Get rid of and better ways ;

Please explain how to get rid of fruit flies. How do I get rid of fruit flies? How to get rid of fruit flies? What is the best way to get rid of fruit flies? If any of these questions ringing in your mind, then you’ve come to the right place. Not only we will highlight the options available to get rid of fruit flies, but also keep them at bay.

“How do you get rid of fruit flies” it is an issue of common concern in online discussion forums and Q-A sites. This is a testament to the amount of these small insects can be annoying and persistent due to their rapid reproduction rate. Below is an overview of how to get rid of fruit flies from your home shows:

1. Wine trap DIY

fruit flies are attracted by substances in fermentation and tend to congregate around wine. You can use this to your advantage as follows:

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies, Getting Rid of and Best Ways
trap of wine to fruit flies
  • leave a little red wine in your bottle and place it in areas around your house where it is known that fruit flies appear and / or race. fruit flies enter the bottle and drown in red wine.
  • After a few days, wash the bottle in warm water and soap and then its content is discarded
  • Prepare a new trap, if necessary

2. Milk-Pepper trap

This has to be one of the oldest ways to get rid of fruit flies after they have been used since as far back as 1850.

You will require:

  • 1 liter of milk
  • ¼ pound of sugar gross
  • 2 ounces ground pepper


  1. simmer all ingredients in a pan for 10-15 minutes
  2. transferring the resulting mixture into small dishes and place them in problem areas around your home
  3. fruit flies are attracted to the mix and you will be able to see several of them drown in just a few days
  4. If fruit flies appear to be flying after tasting the mix, you may want to add one or two drops of dishwashing soap

3. Limoncillo

I lemongrass also does a good job in getting rid of fruit flies. It is the curse will not kill fruit flies, but it will create a poor environment for them. Here is how to use this remedy:

  • Pour 10 drops of essential oil of lemongrass in a spray bottle
  • Add 2 ounces of hot water and shake well
  • Spray the content along windows and doors, as well as in areas where it is known that fruit flies to live and reproduce. You might as well fly content directly in fruit flies.

This remedy has the added advantage of leaving behind a fresh scent, besides getting rid of fruit flies.

4. Commercial traps fruit fly

A talk on how to get rid of fruit flies is not now full day not to mention commercial fruits that are increasingly popular and widely available in online shopping sites like Amazon and eBay. A popular option is Terro Trap fruit fly using a non-toxic to attract adult fruit flies into the trap and thus end their breeding and multiplication cycle liquid bait.

Another remarkable fact Terro Trap fruit fly is that it is safe for children and pets, and is also attractively designed to look like an apple. Read our review of Terro fruit fly Trap here.

“What is the best way to get rid of fruit flies naturally?” This is a question that continues to call for our valued readers.

is quite difficult to answer this question because it will vary depending on the ingredients you have in your home and is therefore subject to different opinions.

However, it can hardly go wrong with a combination of vinegar and apple cider trap cleaning or sugary organic substances in your kitchen, for example, overripe fruit. The idea is to get rid of the breeding of fruit flies and use vinegar apple cider to attract adults into a trap that can not then leave as explained below:

is required:

  • Goma
  • jar A mason (a glass or glass jar will do just as well)
  • A clear polyethylene bag
  • Dish soap


  • Pour ½ cup vinegar apple cider
  • add a few drops more or less dishwashing soap to break the surface tension of vinegar and make the flies sink in when they land on it
  • Place the polyethylene bag transparent in the mouth of the cup and secure it in place everywhere with a rubber band
  • several holes Meter width eraser. Flies crawl into the bottle through these holes to get the vinegar, but will not be able to fly

Apple cider vinegar has a fruity aroma that fruit flies were simply irresistible. You may want to heat the apple cider vinegar just before use in order to release more of its smell and make it even more attractive to fruit flies.

Regarding white vinegar, he also does the trick, but not as attractive to fruit flies like apple cider vinegar that makes apple cider vinegar is the best choice.

An easy way to get rid of fruit flies

“I’m looking for an easy way to get rid of fruit flies that have invaded lately my living room and kitchen. What recommendations do you have? “Perry by email

Your first course of action Perry should be to get rid of any overripe or liquid fruit oozing and plant decomposition of kitchen trash and garbage, followed by a through cleaning the kitchen counters and floors, as well as garbage if necessary. Since fruit flies reproduce quickly, this might not be enough to completely eliminate fruit flies that then becomes necessary to take additional measures to prevent breeding of fruit flies. These include the capture of adult fruit flies as described in the previous sections and clean dirt drains and sinks (using hot water and bleach and a firm brush, or bacterial digesters).

Here are even more tips on how to get rid of fruit flies

  • Discard or use any fruits and vegetables overripe or decaying
  • Keep your kitchen clean and dry; free food substances as well as sugar and spills
  • waste

  • Keep all new supplies of fruits and vegetables refrigerated until the infestation fruit fly has completely disappeared
  • using a aerosol insecticide based on pyrethrum to kill the adult population of fruit flies at home
  • Clean mouths and faces juice open fruit, vinegar and fermented products that can serve as a fly attractant fruit, including tomato sauce, cooking wine, and saccharin. It is also a good idea to keep this type of refrigerated products.
  • not available vegetables and meat scraps in the garbage inside your home. Instead, throw them to the stack of composite out (assuming you’re away from home) or keep chilled in the freezer and then throw it away in the trash can on the day of collection.

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