How to get rid of sand flies

How to get rid of sand flies ;

sand flies or sand fly also known as sand mosquito, Sandflea, No-See-Um, Grandma clip, Chitra, Punky, gnats or Marumakshika. His most important capability is biting and sucking blood. You may want to compare with a mosquito.

But believe me, the mosquitoes are very similar to an angel before these blood sucking mosquitoes. Their bites are much larger compared to mosquito bites.

bites are mostly red and are uneven and can cause itching in some cases. In addition to this they are able to spread a number of diseases such as -. Leishmaniasis and fever pappacti

sandflies In some regions are also called gadflies, flies horses, although they are much larger than sand flies. As its name suggests sand flies love sandy areas there found mostly on beaches, coastal lagoons, mangroves, tidal flats and spring -. June to August

In this article we will see how to get rid of sand flies , but before let’s take a look at their physical attributes so that we can easily identify flies sand.

The identification of sand flies:

Physical Appearance:

Files sand belong to the family Psychodidae. Length ranges from 1.5 mm to 5 mm. They are brown. They have dense growth of hair all over his head, chest, abdomen and legs. The antenna is long, molded and covered with hair. They have large compound eyes black.

Sand Fly

Their wings make them easily distinguishable from other flies, which points up in a ‘V’ vertically on the body as shown in the image. Their mouthparts are short and pointed down and have drilling and suction capacity.

We have now learned about the identification of sand flies, so we go to a clearer vision about their habitat, behavior, eating habits and life cycle.


sand flies are active mostly in hot weather only when there is little wind and no rain during the months of June to August. In the hot cities that can be frequent throughout the year. Hence usually it found in wet soils of the coastal lagoons, beaches, tidal flats, mangroves.

Most of them are active at dusk and dawn periods. They are become inactive in case of strong winds, winds and temperature drop or rain.

When sandflies are inactive to rest in damp, dark places such as walls, cracks, fissures and tree trunks.


sandflies are very attracted to shiny surfaces, objects in motion, heat and carbon dioxide. Unlike other flies, which are attracted to darker shades of colors shades lighter then.

sand flies always travel in swarms (a group of sand flies). Therefore, if only he has noticed a single sand fly, then just do not ignore the other members of the swarm are somewhere nearby.

sand flies are not fast. Hence easily they are going to give up on you, if you are running or kayaking, no longer would be able to keep up with their pace. But that does not mean that you could get rid of them by slapping them. being in the moment is to get rid of a sand fly by slapping reason, four sand flies begin to suck their blood.

eating habits

Both feeding fly male and female sand on plant nectar. It is the female sand fly that also feeds on the blood, because they need the blood protein for egg laying and reproductive cycles.

On a lighter note positive and I think that’s an advantage that male sand fly do not feed on blood, otherwise this would actually doubled our concerns.

Life Cycle:

The life cycle of a fly sand begins in a dry area has a humid environment. The moist environment prevents dehydration eggs. Also the environment does not have to be too cold otherwise could take the eggs to stop the development.

The overall life cycle of a sand fly takes 20 to 40 days. Then a life cycle stages shown by sand flies.

  • laying eggs: The female sand fly lays 30-70 eggs in the hatchery. As previously mentioned the breeding site has to be a dry zone of the cold weather, but not too wet.
  • hatching eggs : After the eggs are laid by the sand fly, it takes one to two weeks to hatch. After hatching eggs become larvae.
  • Larvae: Larvae have a distinct black head about 12 segments. Your body is fully covered in thick hair and have a couple of mushrooms flow at the end which remains attached to them until the pupal stage. Depending on the temperature and food availability length larvae can vary from 1 to 3 mm.
  • Pupae: development Pupa take 05-10 days
  • Adult :.. After 05-10 days of development pupae adults emerge from the pupae, usually before dawn


Now let to understand what causes damages a sand fly and how. Before heading to the damage, we must first understand how the bite of a sand fly really works.

As soon as a female sand fly bites a human, it injects saliva containing an anticoagulant. As you might be aware that human blood coagulation has a property because of which is not easy for the dwarf sand to suck blood. Therefore saliva containing anticoagulant makes it easier blood sampling.

thing anticoagulant saliva sand fly also has allergens that cause red, bumpy and itchy lesions. Here are some common list of damage caused by sand flies are present, although it can vary from one person to another depending on the body’s immune system.

  • filled lesions itchy red bumps (sometimes can be accompanied by pain)
  • Leishmania (kala-azar) skin causing pain in the human body.
  • Fever Oraya
  • of Carrison disease
  • virus Sandly fever
  • Virus Toscanca
  • Virus Chagres
  • virus Punta Toro

How to get rid of sand flies

There are several methods to get rid of sand flies, although the method will depend largely on your needs and the area of ​​infestation. Below is the list of methods to get rid of sand flies depending on the infested area.

Method 1: infested area – Interior

If indoors as home, office, pets – house, etc have been infested by sandflies, then the steps below must be followed

  • vacuuming -. vacuum every corner of the house, especially carpets. If you find cracks in the walls, floors, ceilings, windows, panels, etc. then they too aspire. It has been shown vacuuming kills adults and eggs of sand flies.
  • Steam Cleaning – Steam cleaning is another powerful way to kill the eggs, larvae, pupae and adults of sand flies. The reason is that sand flies can not sustain very high temperatures and while steam cleaning the temperature will rise to 1030 degrees eradication of sand flies.
  • cracks and gaps closing – If you’ve gotten through the cracks holes in walls, floor, ceiling, window panels, door panels, would then have to close them after vacuuming properly. This will prevent sand flies for future infestation as they love playing in the cracks.
  • insect repellent DEET – After cleaning the right house, spray insect repellent DEET. From here you can find shopping in the store next to his house.
  • Insecticides – You can also buy insecticides with ‘d-limonene’ and ‘linalool’ as content. You can easily spray the inside and outside of the house to kill sand flies. However, make sure that you follow the instructions on the insecticide carefully, in some cases you may need to keep children and pets off treated for a couple of hours area.
  • citronella candles or oil lamp – Citronella is one of the best mosquito repellent sand. You can burn citronella candles or oil lamp to keep out sand flies.
  • Eucalyptus oil spray or candles – Eucalyptus is a better repellent sand flies. You can easily find eucalyptus spray and candles in any store. From here you can spray the burning oil or candles to keep sand flies at bay.
  • Spray lavender oil or candles – Lavender oil is mosquito repellent sand. You can also spray or burn to keep the sand flies away.
  • orange peel extracts – This home remedy. You can keep the orange peel extracts on windows, balcony, terrace, doors, or any other input or output to keep away mosquitoes that bite.
  • lemon, lime or other citrus juice -. This is another home remedy you can use lemon, lime or other citrus juice for the purpose spray

I We would also suggest to sprinkle salt on carpets for 24 hours before vacuuming. Since there are certain theories that suggest that salt dehydrates sand flies.

This is all about getting rid of mosquitoes sand from the inside. However, do not forget to clean your pets as well and maintain the cleanliness of your home regularly to prevent future infestation.

Method 2: infested area – Outdoor:

If outdoors as garbage, yard, lawn, etc. They have been infested by sandflies, then below lists the steps to be followed.

  • Boric Acid -. If sand flies have infested trash can then just put a little boric acid on the floor near dustbin
  • diatomaceous earth – If the infested area is sand , land or any humid area then you can sprinkle diatomaceous earth. However what is needed to spray again if a shower or rain.
  • Insecticides – If you are infested your garden or lawn then you could apply insecticides with ‘d-limonene’ and ‘linalool’ as content. However, make sure that you follow the instructions on the insecticide carefully, in some cases you may need to keep children and pets off treated for a couple of hours area.
  • citronella eucalyptus Lavender Oil Spray -. You can spray citronella oil or eucalyptus oil or lavender oil spray on plants or infested area
  • lemon, lime or other citrus juice -. This is another home remedy you can use lemon, lime or other citrus juice for spraying the effect on infested plants

Other preventive measures:

If you’re going out for a walk or hike in the area prone to bites from sand flies, then we suggest you use the following steps listed to keep them away:

  • Stay covered -. Its really mandatory to stay completely covered, wear socks, shirts or blouses full sleeve, long pants or pants or hats
  • Wear light-colored clothing as sand flies are attracted to dark colors.

Apply repellents listed below before going outdoors.

  • The eucalyptus – You can sprinkle it on your clothes, hat or cap. Do not use on sensitive areas like eyes.
  • Coconut oil -. You can apply it in your hands, feet, legs, face
  • Avocado oil mixed with Dettol or Savlon -. Sprinkle on your clothes, hat
  • The inside of the banana peel – Rub the banana peel in his hands, legs, etc.
  • Vinegar – You can sprinkle it on your clothes, hat or cap. Do not use on sensitive areas like eyes.
  • Lavender oil – You can sprinkle it on your clothes, hat or cap. Do not use on sensitive areas like eyes.
  • Tee tree oil – You can sprinkle it on your clothes, hat or cap. Do not use on sensitive areas like eyes.
  • nder -. You can eat garlic by mouth (if you want) otherwise also be rubbed into the hands and legs

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So this was all from me in various ways to get rid of sand flies. We will not know if this helps you out or if you have questions.

Cheers! Have a sand fly day :-)

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