How to get rid of the flies quickly

How to get rid of the flies quickly ;

There are many different types of fly more than 120,000 types infact known and one of the most irritating for farmers or farmers also flies horseflies known as deer. Farms or houses they have horses and cattle certainly a lot of problems will be faced with these flies, female horses need blood proteins livestock, AOS.

If your home or surrounding area is infested by them, then you Äôll have to think seriously about eliminating flies horse as soon as possible that is why I, AOM will show how to get rid horse flies and this will protect the health of their livestock and their families.

Gadfly (fly deer) Appearance:


give painful bites on the skin of horses, cattle and even humans so that it can draw blood needed to produce eggs. The fact that these flies are extremely difficult to control, make a common complaint that people in rural areas. Insectcides and sprays are not always the best solutions to get rid of them and can cause more harm than good. Some problems that these flies can cause include:

  • are vectors of diseases such as leococytozoan
  • They do lose weight cattle
  • Their sting is very painful both for livestock and humans
  • diseases such as tularemia, classical swine fever and Anthrax can be transmitted by them

Disposing have horseflies ?

Traps and gadfly repellents are the only way to deal with gadflies.

Simple flytrap horse:

You Äôll need:

  • A black dark blue cube or
  • A piece of string
  • something to create a hole in the bottom of the bucket, a drill works best.
  • A sticky substance homemade (see below) or a sticky substance to catch insects store-bought


1 # Take your bucket blue or black or dark thin plastic cylinder and drill a hole large enough for string running though.

2 # Put the string through the hole created you, Aove and pull it out from the top of the cube, You, Äôll now want to tie a big knot in the rope that is large enough not to go back through the hole.

# 3 Hang the bucket if possible in an area that is more infested with horseflies, You, Äôll want to make sure that the hub can move slowly and from time to time. I can achieve this by allowing the wind to move the cube.

4 # cover the entire surface of the pan with a very sticky substance and see flies horses stuck to him

Create your own sticky substance: ¬ † corn syrup mixed with water and boil, to get the right consistency you Äôll want to mix equal parts of each in a saucepan and bring to a boil after it has cooled you can brush the mixture over the trap that covers all areas .

also jelly liquid and liquefied petroleum detergent mixed together can make a paste subtance effective insect that is easy to clean and reapply.


This is a horse done in very basic house fly trap but it works well and if you create some of them can help a lot of horses with fly problem . Some others have set traps biting flies much larger I personally find didn, AOT them effective enough to waste time and materials needed for construction. And his desperate you can always get some Red Top Fly Traps are cheap and are the best fly trap can be purchased. They use a decoy protein that is perfect for biting flies.

extra measures to get rid of horse flies

For horse flies repellents recommend Farnam Fly Repellent Ointment SWAT for cattle and horses. For I, AOD recommend wearing the right clothes when possible cover as much of your body as possible. Use light colors like brown, yellow, etc. Karki can also create some housefly repel body lotions or sprays from essential oils.

Unfortually horse flies are difficult to remove 100% of its area. In the absence of significant changes in the eviroment around there is not much that anyone can do, I recommend that you try to keep the land around it as dry as possible. Draining wetlands of the earth will eliminate potential breeding grounds for flies horse.

Recommended to avoid insecticides when it comes to dealing with the horse flies in my experience insecticides are not as effective against horseflies and cause more damage to the target area.

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