Mosquitoes bite? Symptoms, treatments and images for identifying

Mosquitoes bite? Symptoms, treatments and images for identifying ;

size flies Gnats are time varying in length from 1/8 to 1/10 of an inch. Mosquitoes have two wings and more like a mosquito a fly.

In this article, we’ll see – Make mosquitoes bite truth or not. And if they bite, then we also take a look at the symptoms and treatments for it.

But before that, let’s educate ourselves a little more about mosquitoes.

According to Wikipedia, “A mosquito is one of the many species of small flying insects in Dipterid suborder Nematocera , especially families Mycetophilidae Anisopodidae and Sciaridae .

This means, a mosquito is not a single species of insect, but is a general name used for multiple species of flying insects. These species are:

  • Hongo mosquitoes or gnats winter
  • Mosquitoes in the eye or flies or Grass Flies
  • Buffalo mosquitoes or black flies
  • mosquitoes and sand flies [sand

Do Gnats Bite

Now, let’s see actually do mosquitoes bite.

Mosquitoes that bite?

The answer to this question is “ Yes, some species of mosquitoes that bite.

The species of mosquitoes that bite are called as” mosquitoes bite ‘, while others are called “ mosquitoes do not bite

Another important thing worth mentioning is that -. Only females of the species of mosquito bite bite. males in these species feed on flower nectar and other plant juices.

Next a table that can tell you what biting midges and those who do not shown.

Features Fungus mosquito mosquito eye Buffalo mosquito mosquito sand
image fungus-gnat eye-gnat buffalo-gant sand-gnat
biting / that do not bite not bite not bite biting biting
Size 2 to 5 mm in length 1.5 – 3.5 mm in length 2 to 5 mm in length 1.5 – 5 mm length
physical appearance have a blackish gray body with long legs and ungainly multiple segmented antennas. have bright yellow to orange-brown legs black or gray bodies. They have black or gray bodies, bright chest, short legs and wings clear and nonstop. yellowish or brown with hair all over his head, chest, abdomen and legs.
Features attracted by light Attracted to the eyes hunchback appearance hairy wings upright “V ‘

from this table you can see clearly that – Buffalo and sand Gnats . bite while the fungus and eyes mosquitoes do not bite

Note: One important thing to note here is – the bite mosquitoes but do not bite as bees or wasps. you hear people say Gnats sting but that is completely wrong.

Now, after understanding that some mosquitoes bite humans or animals, let’s see what bite.

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Why mosquitoes bite?

Now, we know that only the females of the species of mosquitoes actually bite, while males feed mainly on nectar of flowers and juices.

Females of the species of mosquito that bite bite because they require a blood meal for effective reproduction. In order to create egg proteins require female mosquitoes. And to satisfy this need protein that require a blood meal for those who bite humans or livestock. After taking a blood meal within a few days preparing to lay 150 -. 400 eggs

You see that sometimes during a blood meal an adult female mosquito can travel more than forty miles from fish farms. female mosquitoes bite are attracted to carbon dioxide and black objects in motion because this is the way how they find prey.

How female Gnats bite?

female mosquitoes are biting mouth parts, while males do not have them. Females have scissors or a serrated saw as the mouth that helps them cut into the skin and back to the blood.

Unlike mosquitoes do not feed on blood by inserting a ‘nose’ in the body of the victim, but use their ‘jaws’ to cut a hole in the skin of the victim and they feed on blood.

During a mosquito bite free anticoagulants in the blood of the victim and this can cause mild to severe allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

a mosquito bite typically it occurs in 4 stages:

  • step 1 :. This stage is characterized by penetration of the skin by the jaws
  • step 2: This step involves placing the mouthparts into the wound. This involves anchoring the ‘syntrophium’ in the wound through ‘laciniae’ barbed.
  • step 3 : This is the stage in which the active feeding starts blood is pumped by three groups of muscles that form two functional bombs.. These pumps are separated from each other and other parts of the feed channel. And therefore this pumping process is very complex and highly synchronized muscle contractions sequence.
  • Step 4 :. This is the last stage in the feeding process and involves the removal of ‘laciniae’ and therefore decoupling ‘syntrophium’

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How does a mosquito bite seems?

A mosquito bite is very painful and can cause itching and swelling of the skin for several days. Below are some images of mosquito bites that will help you recognize and differentiate them from other insects bite.

buffalo-gnat-bite Sand-gnat-bite Sand-gnat-bite

A mosquito bites Transmit disease?

Not all mosquitoes transmit disease, but there are some that can transmit several diseases such as:

  • “river blindness” that makes infected people lose view.
  • “Leishmania (kala-azar)” that causes cutaneous herpes in the body.
  • “Oraya” and “Sandly” fever.
  • of Carrison disease.
  • and the “Toscanca” virus “Punta Toro”.

Symptoms of a mosquito bite

The following are the symptoms of a mosquito bite

  • Pain near the area of ​​the bite, along with redness, swelling and itching.
  • Some people may also experience skin irritation or burning sensation, as this is a reaction to anticoagulant mosquitoes released into the wound.
  • Unlike the bite of a fire-ant or a mosquito, in the case of a mosquito bite can only see a small drop of blood that were bitten.
  • Some people may also experience fever, a few hours after the bite.
  • Few, less than 2% also may feel short of breath and can break or hives.

Treatment of mosquito bites:

If a mosquito as bitten then you should take the following steps:

  • Disinfect the area: This is the most important thing you can do after a mosquito has bitten. Clean the area with soap and water thoroughly. You could also clean the area with any alcohol-based or vinegar based hand sanitizer.
  • Apply an antiseptic: If you feel you can also apply an antiseptic swab over the wound. This is a good idea if you want the wound to heal quickly and without further complications.
  • against itching or pain relief: If you are experiencing a lot of pain itching then you should visit a doctor and he will prescribe an anti-itch (antihistamine) or drugs pain, depending on their condition. not scratch the wound as the wound to other bacterial infections opens.
  • Know when to visit a doctor visit a doctor if any of the following symptoms after the bite:
    • If the area around the bite is very swollen.
    • If you have trouble breathing, or get Colmena
    • If you feel swelling of the throat, chest and mouth.
    • If the wound begins to drain fluid or greenish yellow (pus).

How to protect yourself from mosquito bites:

for this I have written a detailed article, you can read here.

Therefore, it was all about mosquito bites and treatment . Not to publicize their ideas or opinions related to the topic.

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