How to get rid of Barking Dogs

How to get rid of Barking Dogs ; There are few sounds that can irritate the ears worse than a barking dog will not stop barking. If you’ve ever felt the desire to start their own hair because of the constant barking of your pet, here are some things you should consider hacer.Tenga surgery of the vocal cords of dogs it should never be considered a option, although others may suggest. Follow these other steps instead of getting rid of your dog barking problem!

1. Find the root cause of Barking.

While it may seem that your dog barks for no reason, there may be a cause for drilling performance of your dog. Take a look at the environment of your dog and get in the mindset of an animal. Is there some distraction, fear, or exciting happening Some of the common barking dog reasons may include: strange noises in the building or outside, pedestrians passing by, or other animals your dog ” territory “at home or trasero.Una courtyard once you have found what is causing your dog to start barking, you can work to eliminate or modify the behavior of your dog to the stimulus given.

2. Ignore the barking.

This is a trick that works for some barking problems, but not all. While it may be difficult, it is necessary to completely ignore your dog when they are barking. A dog barks often as a means to get their attention and responds by giving attention to your dog, which reinforce the works barking. As a child, your dog will quickly learn what works and what does not, so if you ignore the barking, the dog incentive to ladrar.Tenga into account, one of the worst responses is eliminated barking He is yell at your dog. A dog may perceive this as a challenge, a game, or validation that are doing the right thing. As smart as your dog may be, you probably do not understand the context or meaning behind a lot of things you can shout!

3. Modify the behavior of Barking.

In order to modify the behavior of an animal, it is necessary to provide an incentive to do so. For example, if you want your dog to stop playing with his shoe instead can give a more fun to play toy. Any behavior has the potential to be modified, simply find the motivation adecuada.Para modify a barking behavior, it is necessary to introduce the barking encouragement and then give your dog a reason to not bark. This may take some time, effort and commitment, but any dog ​​can learn what is acceptable and what is not. As the formation of any behavior, you reward the dog is necessary when the desired behavior is performed. This is called the reinforcement positivo.Si you have a dog that barks when placed in a box, you need to reward them when they are not barking and ignore them when they do. To do this, place the dog in the cage, back and let them bark. When they stop, turn around and give them a treat with, “Good girl!” (Or a “good boy”, of course!) Turn over and repeat again. Eventually, the dog will learn that when they are quiet they will get food. Then you can start to lengthen the quiet time it takes to get a prize.

4. Training Aids stop barking.

To prevent your dog from barking, you may have to make a trip to the pet store to get some training aids to make your life mejor.Usted need rewards for good behavior, quiet, and low-calorie treats training for rewards or toys. It is important not to use too tasty treats that are dense in energy or, otherwise your dog may decide that you prefer to eat only those and not your regular meal! If you have a highly motivated dog food, which may even be able to use individual croquettes regular food your dog as golosinas.Tenga wary of products that claim to stop barking behavior. There are products that clip the dog’s collar and provide a spray or a shock that is uncomfortable for the dog. This is a negative reinforcement training technique and often does not work for behaviors that occur as a result of fear or frustration. If your dog barks because she feels frustrated, it is what really expects a negative stimulus to calm down? These types of training aids can often worsen the problem.

5. Teach the “Quiet” command.

A very effective way to teach your dog, which should be as common as the command “come”, “sit” or “stay” is the “quiet” command command. Note that this command may take longer to teach other commands because you have to wait until your dog starts barking. This works best when the dog is barking in a continuous loop because it will help your dog to identify what you are doing mal.Cuando the dog is barking nonstop, standing silent for a moment, and then say firmly “quiet.” The dog is likely to stop because they are curious about what the media control. Reward the dog when they stop barking. It helps if the dog starts barking again immediately after, then you can repeat the “quiet” command and reward them again. If done well, the dog will quickly realize that “quiet” means they have to stop barking and then get a prize.

6. Keep your dog mentally stimulated.

To stop your dog barking is also useful to dig deeper for the cause of barking problem. Does your dog barking because he simply bored? This could well be the case. Many breeds, especially working breeds, need stimulation to feel satisfecho.Su dog may be letting you know that he is bored and need something to occupy his mind. It’s easy to forget that the end of your day when you get home from work is the beginning of the age of your dog, so take him out for a walk, play a little searching, or teach you some new things. There is nothing more frustrating to a dog that pent up energy after having nothing to do!

7. The surgery should not be an option.

You may have heard through a friend or via an online resource that can stop the barking of a dog with surgery damaging the vocal cords. This should not be an option. If your child was screaming all the time, would it be acceptable to them under the knife and prevent them from being able to speak for the rest of their lives? Of course not, and this should be the same for perro.Hay options and techniques to teach your dog not to bark and any dog ​​can learn what they are and are not expected to do. Having a dog is a big responsibility and you have to put in the work to make sure you have a good dog. There is no such thing as a bad dog, it’s just a bad owner.

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