How to get rid of the lizards House

How to get rid of the lizards House ;

In some parts of North America, in particular in temperate regions, such as California and Arizona, you can find small lizards scurrying in ceilings and walls. They are known by many names, depending on where you are, as Pacific house gecko, Asian gecko, lizard or just home. While they are usually harmless, lizards tend to cause some surprised and frightened reactions of people, especially adolescents, due to the tendency of the lizard to sometimes fall on the roof are trapped in. The fact that usually are scary at quick glance, due to its heritage of reptile, not help anything.

Originally the house lizard was a native of Southeast Asia and North Africa regions. Then it spreads throughout the world through boats and now, are also common in the southern United States which were introduced through New Mexico half. They have also spread to much of Australia, and are beginning to appear in England.

usually they are kept as pets, where they are placed in a nursery with a clean substrate. By their nature, usually they require a source of heat to regulate their body temperature. A system of plants and humidifiers are also placed within provide moisture.

Get rid of lizards House

Some lizards are downright nasty, becoming dangerous pests. lizards, although not in the category of dangerous, often subject to eviction in the homes of people. It could be because people are afraid of them, or just want to free houses reptiles. In any case, if you want the lizards out because their little daughter or sister screamed his heart to see that, or the sight of a reptile stuck on the roof bothers you, here are some useful tips to help you start the reptiles his dwelling.

  • Employing the help of your pets. You can use the strategy to fight fire with fire by having your pet lizard face the problem of the house. Cats, in particular, seem perfectly adept at getting rid of them, since cats are naturally curious by nature and can also be vicious. They also tend to intimidate or hunt prey that are of a suitable size (eg, lizards and mice). If you have a cat or two hand, expect a decrease in the number of lizards in their home.Sometimes, however, the plan may backfire. Cats and dogs can bring lizards at home with the intention to make a meal out of them later. The problem is when these lizards are not dead, just stunned, and then take refuge inside his home in order to recover. Such an incident may very well be the beginning of the arrival of other lizards of the house at home.
  • get rid of their food supply. House lizards subsist mainly on insects, so if your home is not well protected against them, then you also will have problems with lizards. Getting rid of insects and soon say goodbye to corners.Screen reptiles lurking in their windows and doors so that nothing can enter. Make it a point to occasionally spray pesticides and insecticides, so it will kill mosquitoes and moths that are usual for household food lizards. Keep grass and shrubs in the short cut grass to discourage the proliferation of insects. If you are living in a place where the climate is generally tropical, such as Florida, then it is strongly recommended that you follow these tips as most insects thrive in wet environments.
  • Use repellents lizard. There lizard repellents sold in stores reports that are effective in getting lizards houses away. These repellents can be of various types. There’s the based repellent spray and there are also based repellents chalk. If your house is full of lizards, it is likely that their neighbors might be, too. Ask them if they have attempted an effective repellent. You can also connect to the Internet for reviews repellents lizard. There are also repellents away the two lizards and insects so you may want to check on them too.
  • Use flypaper. You might think that the flypaper is only effective for flies, but may be wrong. Swatter papers can be established in areas where lizards, such as corners or near where there are lights and bulbs where insects and moths tend to gather usually appear. Another way for you to catch lizards involves some skill and speed. Using a box, try to grab a lizard and once it does, immediately covered with the box. Use a piece of thin cardboard to slide under the box so it will cover for the box once you turn it back. Carry case the outer cover and then release the lizard a few dozen meters or so from home. Just make sure it is somewhere enough that the lizard can not return, otherwise just be exercising at all.
  • repair any holes or cracks in your home. lizards can squeeze into small cracks and holes you think are impossible to get. Check every corner of your home for places that a lizard might get in. Check the exterior of your home for any cracks and openings as well. Again, placing a metal plate in the windows. You can also use other sealants to patch up openings since reptiles can not eat through them.

As mentioned above, lizards are generally not dangerous for humans. In fact, in Asian countries, lizards generally left alone because they are effective in controlling domestic insects such as mosquitoes and small moths. Up to you to decide whether or not they are pests. If you loved this article you sure love to read how to get rid of lizards and geckos how to control.

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