smoky brown cockroach identification and Control Boards

smoky brown cockroach identification and Control Boards ;

The smoky brown cockroach can be one and a half inches long and are dark brown. This cockroach is a strong flier with wings that go beyond your body. They are related to American cockroaches, but are smaller and feed on plant material and decaying matter. They commonly seek refuge in homes during the spring, summer and autumn by entering your home through cracks, confined spaces and attics. When they are out, this cockroach can be found in areas that are warm, moist and protected by the weather. They are very susceptible to becoming dehydrated so they must be close to a humid environment.

Around this cockroach houses and structures located under the beds of mulch, tree holes and cavities and structures soffits and eaves, where it will accumulate. smoky brown cockroaches easily enter buildings through openings or gaps under coating, through your attic or soffit vents. They are also able to enter through openings in wiring and pipes enter your home and through open windows or doors.

If these creatures have entered your home you will notice them during the late evening or early morning hour as they leave their hiding places to find a food source. It is a nocturnal insect and hide in small places during daylight to be inaccessible to predators. Although they prefer to eat decaying plant matter; they will eat anything, including; human remains, stool, plant materials and dead insects. If you have a pet that would not be unusual to see one taking a drink of water from the cup of your pet. You will be able to see your stool and feces wherever they are living and in search of food.

nonchemical methods to get rid of the smoky brown cockroach

The smoky brown cockroaches are just like all the other pests and require three things to survive; food, water and a place to live. When you take even one of these requirements distance through proper sanitation they will be forced to find a new home. Here are some simple home maintenance practices to follow:

  • Do not put old boxes or stacked papers in which they can hide. all the old boxes and papers are discarded.
  • Your trash has to have a tight fitting lid and trash must be closed in plastic overnight.
  • Do not allow dripping faucets. The smoky brown cockroach can live on water alone.
  • Do not leave pet food sit out overnight. Place them on the back porch hermetically sealed in a plastic bag.
  • The airflow is important and care should be taken of the areas with high moisture content with fans or a dehumidifier.
  • Vacuum your home regularly to ensure that no food debris or debris remaining as a food source.
  • repair holes around doors, water pipes, baseboards and doors.
  • Put a mesh over the windows, vents and floor drains.
  • Make sure your doors and windows are sealed. Does not take much space for a cockroach to pass through.
  • Chemical methods to get rid of the smoky brown cockroach

cracks and crevices

  1. Delta powder and CB are borid boric acid powder works best when it comes to eliminating the smoky brown cockroach.
  2. part with a feather duster, read the label instructions, and dust generously apply where the cockroach can get underneath or behind; wall outlets, baseboards, cupboards and cabinets, under appliances and everything they can crawl under or behind.

Perimeter area

  • Demand CS, Suspend SC or Demon WP are excellent when mixed in a sprayer and applied slowly.
  • aerosol inside along their sockets sure you get in the corners, windows, door frames and the bottom of your furniture behind book cases or any significant area listed on labels . With a smoky brown cockroach problem should also spray the outside perimeter of your home.
  • These sprays are residual and the need to reapply every three months, unless you start seeing signs of reinfestation before.

baits and pellets

  1. Niban intice FG or bait work well in basements and attics.
  2. Another baits cockroaches are effective; Maxforce FC Roach gel bait, Avert dry fluid and Advion cockroach bait gel bait Roach.
  3. may have to try more than one bait cockroach as sometimes builds up a tolerance to them. You can not give up yet; keep trying until you find one that will take.

Contact Sprays Kill

  • There are sprays that kill the cockroach in touch. These can also be used to remove cockroaches from hiding. Contact aerosols which are effective for this use are; CB-80 Extra, Cy-Kick, D-Force HPX and 565 Plus XLO.

Remember to use an IGR

IGR is a chemical that disrupt the life cycle of the smoky brown cockroach their egg and larval development. They are restricted from reaching adulthood and therefore is unable to reproduce. It is basically a birth control for insects. It will also help to keep populations under control and prevent future infestations.

  1. The most common and effective for cockroaches Gentrol IGR IGR is to be found in aerosol form, tablets or liquid concentrate point sources. Professionals recommend using concentrated on his hand sprayer and spray along with its chemical base plate.
  2. In bathrooms and kitchens, Gentrol aerosol is the professional choice. It comes with an accessory straw is used to apply generously on all cracks and under, behind and next to the devices. The binding straw also allow you to get behind outlets, along the tubes near the ceilings.
  3. Continue using IGR every four to six weeks or six months, until you start to see a reduction or elimination of infestation.

The smoky brown cockroach depends on environmental conditions. When making your unacceptable environment for them you will realize that it is less likely they will want to share it with you.

baby cockroaches in your home … They mean

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