How the power of their dopamine levels never feel sad, stressed or depressed Again

How the power of their dopamine levels never feel sad, stressed or depressed Again ;

  • Avoid Addictions
  • While addiction to drugs, sex, gambling, or even shopping provided instant pleasure, which is never a permanent solution. This type of addictions meet your needs just temporarily.

    Addictions also alter our lifestyle at the expense of the source of addiction. It is a vicious circle, and therefore need to try to minimize the risk of developing addictions. Enjoy life and find things that provide tranquility and the deepest happiness.

    1. detoxification

    need to detoxify your system regularly, since the accumulation of bacteria and toxins in your body undermines production dopamine and weakens its immunity.

    1. Increase tyrosine

    Tyrosine is one of the 22 essential amino acids that are involved in creating proteins. In fact, it is the most important for the production of dopamine chemical.

    This chemical also has the potential to increase levels of norepinephrine. You can increase your levels in the body by eating watermelon, green tea.

    1. Music

    Dopamine levels also increased through listening to music, although it may be short-term. Therefore, using music as a common way to raise dopamine levels.

    1. Organize your life

    While this may be difficult at times, they organized small daily tasks will increase their dopamine levels. As such, they do not do their homework down and check them off as you accomplish them.

    According to the principles of self-management, if a job is a change of at least 25% in the routine, you will feel unable to do so, and usually ends with self-sabotage or give up.

    However, if the task changes to 10% of your routine, you will manage to complete, since you’ll believe it’s small. Therefore, the tasks of balance to 10% and 25% of new behaviors, to try new and challenging things, but is still not as difficult to achieve.

    1. Creativity

    Creative activities are also effective in raising dopamine levels. It will also stay focused. You can try dancing, writing, singing, painting, weaving, carving, etc., and feel much better immediately.

    1. Get a streak

    In this case, “line” refers to a visual reminder of the number of times successive done something. Will raise dopamine levels, making it more happy and content. You need to use a calendar, write down your goals and plan how to accomplish them. Mark it off on the calendar, once you finish a goal.

    1. Supplementation

    You can increase your dopamine levels through supplementation, which include:

    • curcumin – increase the effectiveness of dopamine in the brain
    • Ginkgo Biloba -. that has the potential to elevate dopamine levels
    • acetyl-L-tyrosine. – being a component basic dopamine, a healthy dose that promotes the production of dopamine in the brain
    • -. L-theanine increases several neurotransmitters in the brain, such as dopamine. You can get green tea.
    1. Meditation

    Meditation raises dopamine levels, and creates mental energy, improves your mood, and relax your mind.

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