How to get rid of mice permanently in all natural way!

How to get rid of mice permanently in all natural way! ;

At one point in time, you may have gone through the struggle to exterminate mice and realized how complicated and difficult it can be. These difficult rodents can go practically everywhere, and take your dirt all over the place. Besides that, they eat our food, destroying appliances, furniture chewing and scratching, and what is worse, can spread germs and deadly diseases.

While traps and bait are the methods commonly used to get rid of these rodents, most people do not like dead mice within its walls. In addition baits require the use of poisons, which can be harmful to your health. However, there are several safe and natural forms that are 100% effective in removing mice. 4 such explored methods below:

Method 1

Pour some soda in a bowl of age. Then place around the area where is usually mice. For this purpose, overnight. and wake up to a few dead rats in the morning. Soft drinks are an effective way to kill mice, and the mice not burp tool.

Method 2

Take Plaster of Paris dried and mixed with flour and a tablespoon of salt. Put this mixture in the busiest area for its “guests” Stubborn. Be sure to establish a water tank right next door. After consuming the mixture, the mice will feel thirsty and drink the water. The water will cause the mixture thickens in her stomach. This is an effective way to exterminate mice.

Method 3

Mice like chocolate. Thus, instead of flour, consider chocolate powder mix and flour. Set the mixture around the most frequented point, and not the water container forget. Mice will drink water after enjoying the food. This will expand the chocolate mixture in your stomach, which marks the end of resistant rodents.

Method 4

is the nature of cats to catch mice. Therefore, you can keep a cat or a dog at home to scare away mice.

With these methods, you can be sure that you will solve the problem of mice forever!

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