She smears on her butt, everyone has at home – but nobody uses

She smears on her butt, everyone has at home – but nobody uses ;

Many of us love drinking coffee in the morning as well as other times of day, for its energy boosting properties. Similarly, almost everyone rejects the residue at the bottom of the cup thinking it’s useless.

In this article, we examine how it can be effectively used coffee grounds around your home. Just spread them on a parchment paper and let them dry. Then his coffee grounds are ready for use.

14 wonderful coffee grinds applications

1.Against bags under the eyes

After waking up, mix ground coffee with a little olive oil, then apply it under the eyes. This will give a fresher appearance.


With coffee grounds, you can significantly improve the quality of your hair.

remedy 3.Cellulite

For a cheap remedy cellulite, mix some oil and coffee grounds. Use this option to get rid of cellulite.


Coffee has firming effects on the skin. Therefore, it can be used as an exfoliant with a great effect on the skin peeling.


free of chemicals, Ser can use coffee as a safe, as well as a cheap and clean product. Small grains are very effective in cleaning pans, pots, and surfaces.

6.In the refrigerator

Put a cup of ground coffee in your refrigerator to absorb the odor and eliminate odors.

7.Grill oxide

to restore the brightness of your grill, put some ground coffee on a piece of sponge, and then rub the grill with her. Rinse with warm water afterwards.

ants 8.Against

can take advantage of the strong smell of ground coffee to keep ants and other pests away from your garden.

fleas 9.Against

Rub wet ground coffee in your pet’s fur and skin to fight effectively against fleas.

wasps 10.Against

In a fireproof jar, put some coffee beans, then is lit with a match. This will steam and drive to the most persistent wasps in a short time.

11.Against snails

sprinkle some ground coffee around your plants to protect them against snail damage.

12.Cat scare

To keep out stray cats, sprinkle some ground coffee around the house to act as an invisible barrier against stray cats.


Put some ground coffee in the compost and worms love them. This will result in well organized mass, and therefore much higher performance.


Coffee beans are a great fertilizer because they are rich in nutrients including potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen, all of which promote the growth of the plants.

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