How to get rid of CD and DVD scratches

How to get rid of CD and DVD scratches ; Who knew that toothpaste could get rid of scratches DVD? Nothing lasts forever, but that should not stop holding onto their discs for most of his life. Of course, the damage occurs over time. The discs are scratched for a lot of reasons, but buying new does not seem to be a particularly attractive option. These are the tricks of the trade to get rid of scratches DVD:

1. Remove dust.

Each disc contains a certain amount of dust in his sensitive side. Some will have more if you have not been used for some time, while others may simply have some spots here and there. These will how to clean the disc! Dust disc if pressed scratches on the disc with a cloth to get rid of things before moving forward.

2. Use a special cloth.

wipes special screens can remove surface scratches. Also known as micro-fiber cloth, the material on these cloths traps small particles that can cause the disk. This material also goes a long way toward eliminating dust on the disc before going on the implementation of the other solutions in this article.

3. Apply the toothpaste.

She read you well. Toothpaste can really help with scratches discs of all kinds. Remember to remove dust before applying any toothpaste! Once you’ve done this, gently apply the paste on the disc. Use a variety of gelatin if available. It is the clear type, so you’ll know it when I see it. Also apply a small amount on the disc. No need to exaggerate the toothpaste, because it will have spread throughout the disco.Frote toothpaste gently on the disc in a circular motion. Do not use small circular movements; instead, it follows the lines of the disk itself in a wide circular pattern. You want to do this in order to rub toothpaste along the lines of the laser that extracts data from the DVD player to play the video file. Let it sit for a moment before removing it, which we cover in a later step.

4. Apply a banana.

Yes, even a banana can repair discs for a while! This method serves as an alternative approach to the use of toothpaste, although both can be applied if desired. Remove any dust particles on the disk before proceeding, as you should do with toothpaste. Gently rub the banana on the disk in a circular motion along the lines widely on the disc itself. You want to apply inside the banana on the disk, so remove the outer layer and fibrous bits. Let stand for one minute before removing anything. You can cut a new part of the banana to apply a fresh surface on the disc if the fruit begins to run dry before they are done with it.

5. Apply Vaseline.

you can also find this substance under a nameless brand by the name of Vaseline. The product will generally be the same for your purposes (cleaning discs, for example), so do not worry about finding the right brand. Follow the same steps as indicated with toothpaste and banana: Gently rub the gel on the disc with a circular motion widely

6. Remove the substance..

Use a soft cloth to remove the substance from the disk cloth. The way the fabric is clean seriously affects your success! Start at the center of the disc and wipe out straight. Do this carefully and gently. Do not follow the circular pattern with which the substance used in the first place to eliminate it; many people spoil the disk to wipe not online recta.Asegúrese that all excess fat is gone. Make sure all the excess fat is gone. None can remain on disk if it will work again. Leaving fat on discs may damage the DVD player as well, which would leave him in a worse situation than when you started! That would not be the right way to get rid of scratches DVD.

7. Use a disc cleaner.

there are dedicated cleaners discs, although they are much harder to find now than they were ten years ago. So many people buy your movies, music and games digitally demand for compact discs has been significantly reduced. Demand for cleaner products has fallen with them. The cheaper will run in the vicinity of $ 15- $ 20, although the high end can cost as much as $ 40 or $ 50.Es a larger investment than other options, so you need to decide if your collection disk is large enough to benefit from a dedicated cleaner. DVDs are scratched often in family homes, and so do the CDs. Do your movies, music, games and collections consist of enough records to justify a purchase? Older disks could be costly and difficult to reacquire, so think about the dilemma of value.

8. Understand the process.

Why does it work? Scratches usually not eliminate the information on the disks. They cause the surface becomes irregular, which triggers the laser in the disc reader. The laser does not know where to go next, which makes the “jump” we’ve all seen on the screen. Video playback fails without a smooth, continuous surface to read. The surface serves as a contact point láser.Las substances have suggested here fill in those cracks, which allows the laser to continue searching the surface of the disk for the video file. Covering up scratches with toothpaste does not eliminate enough information to cause a serious accident jump or while reading the DVD. The disc player will read about it for a relatively mild in most cases transition.

9. Be careful with window cleaner.

Ammonia containing a window cleaner could degrade the disk over time. look no short-term gain to keep the discs in running it after all the disk does not work! Ammonia in a window cleaner corrodes plastics. Use a soft cloth, including a screen cleaning cloth instead of a cleaner ventanas.Esa it is how to get rid of scratches DVD quickly. Dusting, apply one of these substances gently remove excess fat before attempting to play the disc again. Remember to apply the substance in a circular broadly along the lines of the disk movement, and to remove the substance straight outward from the center of the disc to the edges. I enjoy your newly repaired disc!

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